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Name: War (Real Name - Malcolm)
Age: 33 yrs
Species: Werewolf
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Retired Marine

Appearance: Standing approximately 6'1 of a mid musculature frame. Light brown hair that is either slicked back, or flopped in a messy manner over his head. A bit of scruff accentuating his strong firm jaw. Wars eyes are a brilliant emerald mirroring his intelligence and the traumas of his past.

Personality: Generally a laidback person, rarely loses his temper despite the beast that lurks within. War is a bit of a heartbreaker enjoying a wide selection of females to reduce his sexual appetite. A charmer, sweet and well mannered. On the night of the full moon however, that all changes. His temper is short, making him aggressive and mean. Then the guilt and regret will crush him in the morning.

Backstory: Malcolm participated in a normal childhood, although his parents were divorced carted back and forth between them during the school holidays. Due to …